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What is a tattoo needle cartridge?

DSENGZ is a supplier of cartridge tattoo needle, and the products we offer are suitable for both beginners and professionals in tattooing.

Our tattoo needle cartridge is made of 316l and medical grade plastic, which meets medical hygiene standards. The cartridges come with a film that protects the machine and the tube from ink seepage. The safe and reliable tattoo needle cartridges facilitate your precise handling.

We offer a wide range of tattoo needle cartridges that come in round liner, flat, round shader, magnum, and curved magnum configurations.

The tattoo needle cartridges are characterized by

  • With unique ergonomic design;

  • Transparent needles that are fully visible and easy for the tattoo artist to see;

  • Comes with a comfortable finger sleeve that feels great to use;

  • Needles are compatible, making it easy for tattoo artists to find the right cartridge within seconds using different tattoo needles.

Do all tattoo cartridges work in all machines?

Not all tattoo cartridges are universal, in the choice of cartridges need to pay attention to whether the machine with which they match, compatible with universal cartridges need to match the universal tattoo equipment.

No matter what type of tattoo cartridge you are looking for, we stock all configurations. Here you can quickly find the perfect combination of tattoo needles and tattoo needle cartridges, as well as a few other small accessories!

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