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Can I Use Anesthesia for My Tattoo?

May. 16, 2022

This question is really difficult to generalize, pain is certainly painful, after all, the fact is cut open your skin. But to say that the degree of pain, it varies from person to person, each person's ability to tolerate the pain is different. But you can rest assured that the tattoo artist will tattoo stop and give you enough time to breathe. If the pain is really unbearable, remember to tell the tattoo artist in time, tell him to stop and let you rest for a while, they are not in a hurry.

In fact, the tattoo needle doesn't go completely into your flesh, as you might think, but only 1.5 mm deep, squeezing the pigment in. It's not so bloody when you think about it that way. Tattoo needle supplier shows you.

Can I Use Anesthesia for My Tattoo?

Can I get anesthesia?

I've hardly ever heard of anyone actually getting anesthesia to get a tattoo, and if you need anesthesia to get a tattoo, maybe you shouldn't get one. Pain is an important part of tattooing and your way of expressing that commitment. A tattoo is a very serious thing that follows you for the rest of your life, do you want this branding moment to be spent in numbness?

Besides losing the essence of the tattoo, anesthesia has its real drawbacks. First, the anesthetic cream takes half an hour to take effect, then a one-hour tattoo will become very complicated, you have to apply anesthesia, wait half an hour, tattoo half an hour, then apply anesthesia, then wait half an hour, then tattoo half an hour. Secondly, when the anesthesia slowly wears off, the pain that was tolerable will be amplified and turn into a sudden, sharp pain.

If you really can't stand it, I suggest you buy tattoo stickers.

Can I Use Anesthesia for My Tattoo?

Needle RS - 0.2mm~0.5mm

How much does a tattoo cost?

A price is a price, this is the truth of the tattoo industry. According to the size of the pattern, the price varies; black tattoos and colored tattoos price difference; good tattoo store and ordinary tattoo store prices are different, from one or two hundred to tens of thousands of dollars. Someone went to a cheap tattoo store, let the level of worrying tattoo artist with cheap pigments on your skin carved, in the end or with two packets of tears to find a senior tattoo artist to change the pattern. Always remember that the tattoo is to follow you for life. In addition, try not to cut the price with the tattoo artist, they are to move in your body, and this is also disrespectful to the art of tattooing.

When is the right time to get a tattoo?

Although it is said that tattoos can be done all year round, summer is actually not the best time. I know you can't wait to show everyone your beautiful designs, but for your own sake, fall and winter are the best times. The intense sun and sweat can deteriorate your tattoo, and it's important to understand that, simply put, a new tattoo is a beautiful wound that you want to give enough time to heal. In addition, as a wound, it is bound to go through a series of itching, scabbing, falling and other processes, these processes are not very good-looking, so it may be better to tattoo in the fall and winter, until the summer industry has completely healed and then show it beautifully.

Can I Use Anesthesia for My Tattoo?

Sickness can still tattoo?

Better not, after all, the tattoo is a wound, you need a strong immune system to support. If you are sick, the immune system is reduced, the ability to fight bacteria and viruses is reduced, the light healing is slow, serious infection. In addition, as a source of infection to run to a public place like a tattoo store, well, it is not very good. Please contact DSENGZ today to get morew info. 

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