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Comprehensive One-Stop Guide of Planning a Tattoo

Apr. 28, 2022

It stands to reason that planning a tattoo is a challenging decision. The ink will remain on your skin for the rest of your life. Failure to plan adequately could result in you not liking your tattoo for years. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you read the following guidelines before you do anything. Tattoo needles supplier shows you.

Comprehensive One-Stop Guide of Planning a Tattoo

Do your research

The popularity of tattoos has risen significantly, but so has the removal of tattoos. Not only can removing them be a waste of time, but they can also cost a lot of money.

Before you step into the studio and consult a tattoo artist, you need to consider what you want.

The first thing you need to consider is the color of the tattoo. Fewer and fewer people are getting colored tattoos, but it is still worth considering. In most cases, people get black and gray tattoos because it works better in more detailed work. 

Once you have decided on the base color, the actual style is another consideration. There are many different styles, some of which tattoo artists specialize in, while others do not. To visualize the options available, check out this article.

Comprehensive One-Stop Guide of Planning a Tattoo

Pain Threshold

Also, know your pain threshold when you're considering a tattoo. It's one thing to plan a tattoo, but it's another thing to complete an appointment and get it. Therefore, it may be beneficial to know the most painful and least painful areas to get a tattoo. 

For men and women, tattoo pain charts are different. However, there are ways to counteract this pain. For example, the use of tattoo numbing cream has helped many people receive pain-free tattoos. 

Schedule a consultation

After completing the above research, you can find the right tattoo artist and schedule a consultation with them. During this session, you can present ideas, ask questions and better understand the results. 

Some areas of discussion may be size, color, placement, style, etc. Once the artist has all this information, they can go ahead and design or recommend an idea in their flash book. In addition, this is the ideal time to advise them on whether or not to use tattoo numbing cream.

Comprehensive One-Stop Guide of Planning a Tattoo

Preparing for a Tattoo 

After planning a tattoo, it's time to prepare for the special day. To make the experience as seamless and most enjoyable as possible, you need to consider the following. 

Stay hydrated - Drink plenty of water before, during and after your tattoo. It will help your skin respond better to the ink and needle, while allowing the tattoo to heal faster. 

Moisturize your skin - Healthier skin means a better quality tattoo. Therefore, moisturize frequently before and after the procedure to ensure the best visual quality.  

Apply anesthetic cream - If you are concerned about pain, apply a tattoo anesthetic cream. You will need to apply it 90 minutes before the procedure to reduce pain. 

Sleep well and eat well - Don't drink, party or eat junk food before your tattoo. Eat well, sleep well, and your tattoo experience will be pleasant. 

Wear loose clothing - Without a doubt, do not wear tight clothing in the tattoo area. Make sure it is loose and comfortable. 

Comprehensive One-Stop Guide of Planning a Tattoo


After reading the above, you should have a better understanding of tattoo planning. There is no doubt that this is a long process, but you will want to get it right the first time. Therefore, follow the above guidelines and take your time. DSENGZ is dedicated to providing complete knowledge and information about the tattoo industry. We offer tattoo needles and tattoo machine power supplies, etc. 

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