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Interesting Facts about Nose Piercing

Aug. 16, 2022

Nose piercings are one of the most popular piercings in Australia. There are many things you may want to know and consider before you have your nose pierced.


How painful a nose piercing can be


A piercing can hurt, depending on the area you have pierced. Fortunately, the piercing itself is over quickly and most of our clients tell us there is little to no pain or it feels like a bit of a pinch or flick. Commonly pierced areas, such as the earlobe, are less painful as there is no cartilage present. Areas with harder cartilage like the nose may be more painful, but it will be over in seconds! Try to relax and stay calm by concentrating on your breathing - breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.


Getting rid of the lump


Any trauma to your piercing can lead to the formation of unsightly and uncomfortable piercing lumps, increased swelling, longer healing times and other problems. We recommend avoiding unnecessary damage to your nose piercing such as friction from clothing, towels, loofahs, excessive movement in the area, playing with jewellery, knocking on the piercing, sleeping on it and excessive cleaning. Be very careful with towels and undressing as you can rip your jewellery out of your nose. If you are tossing and turning in your sleep, we recommend that you cover your jewellery with a band-aid to prevent it from falling off while you sleep.

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Healing of nasal piercings


●Healing time varies from person to person, sometimes the inner tunnel of the piercing takes longer to heal than the outer one. A pierced nostril heals completely in about 2 to 4 months. The perforated septum heals in about 3 to 4 months.


●Once the jewellery is removed, the nose is one of the fastest places on the body for piercings to close. If your piercing is fresh, it can close in a matter of minutes. Even if you have had a nose piercing for a year, you can expect it to close within a few hours or days of removing the jewellery, mainly due to the rapid healing ability of the nose mucosa.


Jewellery options


Different types of nose jewellery include braided or curved studs, L-shaped studs, flat-back studs or hinged rings. For women, the most popular nose jewellery is fine gold or surgical steel hoops, or wrapped and claw-set crystal nose studs. Most men prefer the look of surgical steel or a black hinged ring on the nose.


What to do if your jewellery falls off?


If your jewellery comes off, make sure you replace it immediately to keep the piercing open. If your piercing is fresh, the hole can be closed in a matter of minutes. If your nose piercing is less than a year old, you can expect it to close in a few hours or days or the piercing to shrink significantly. The inner nostril is lined with a mucous membrane which closes quickly once the jewellery has been removed, even if you have been wearing it for many years. You should not force the jewellery through to narrow or close the piercing, but call your local beauty salon for help!



Care procedures


●Ensure that the following safety procedures are followed by the person having the piercing.


●Ask if you have any health problems or may be pregnant.


●Use sterile needles. The piercing gun cannot be properly sterilised.


●Sterilise the nasal trim on site in a machine called an autoclave.


●Open the sealed needle packet in front of you.


●Use sterile gloves and wash your hands before and after the piercing.


●Clean and disinfect your nose with alcohol or antiseptic solution before it is pierced.


●Provide you with clear instructions on how to clean and care for your nose piercing.


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