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Tattoo Needles for Single Use and Safety Issues

May. 09, 2022

I often have friends who say they want to get a tattoo, and my advice is usually, think twice! Although I, as a tattoo enthusiast, that advice pales in comparison, it is indeed a path of no return. Almost all tattooists will tell you that this stuff is very addictive, and it's hard to stop after the first tattoo. Because you will find the pattern so beautiful, I so cool, want to commemorate more and more, and that subtle pain will make you self-mutilatingly unstoppable. If you've already made up your mind to embark on this path, check out this beginner's primer!

Tattoo Needles for Single Use and Safety Issues

Is it safe to get a tattoo?

This is probably one of the most important questions, no one wants to put their lives on the line for a tattoo. So it is recommended that we do our homework before the tattoo, and carefully check the trustworthy tattoo store.

Unfortunately, the domestic tattoo industry is not very standardized, so many tattoo artists do not have a special license, the most similar license is issued by the Ministry of Education of the State Vocational Technical Certificate. So in the industry is still in the development of the current period, we still need to pay extra attention and be prepared.

Here is a safety checklist that you can take with you into the store to check directly on.

1. Is the tattoo artist wearing disposable medical gloves?

Generally speaking, all tattoo artists wear disposable medical gloves when working to prevent cross-contamination. If the tattoo artist does not even think about their own safety, how will he care about the safety of customers?

2. whether the tattoo artist has sufficient qualifications?

Tattooist license this matter, in fact, in foreign countries as well as the headache. Foreign countries also do not have a complete and sound set of professional tattoo courses or diplomas. So for their own safety, keep an eye out to find out how your tattoo artist qualifications. Look at his work, look at the comments on the Internet.

3. Are sterilization needles disposable?

Tattoo needles used must be disposable, and must be unsealed under your watch. Of course some places will reuse sterilized needles, but for your own safety, it is best to have a new disposable needle, because you never know if it is thoroughly sterilized. A new needle will always be shiny clean silver with no pigment residue. It is also a good idea for you to witness the tattoo artist throwing away the used needles after the tattoo is finished.

Tattoo Needles for Single Use and Safety Issues

4. whether the tattoo artist has been injected with hepatitis B vaccine?

This is not at all much to worry about, unsafe tattoos can easily lead to the spread of hepatitis B, even if your tattoo artist wears disposable gloves, if the size of the glove is not appropriate, or accidentally damaged during the tattoo, you both are very easy to be exposed to the virus. Of course, the absence of hepatitis B vaccination does not mean that this tattoo store is not safe, just you have to be doubly careful to see if there are other safety precautions here.

5. Is the paint put back into the bottle after use?

Absolutely not! After use, the pigment has been mixed with the customer's blood, and putting it back into the bottle for the next use is absolutely high-risk behavior. The supreme rule of tattoo safety is disposable, disposable, disposable! Safety of the tattoo store will be prepared specifically for each customer to put a small bottle cap pigment, use that discarded.

Can tattoo needles be contagious if they are not changed?

There may be contagious, but the probability is very low, generally only rely on blood contagious diseases may be transmitted through the needles of the tattoo, other diseases are often not contagious, but in order to avoid accidents, when the tattoo, you should ensure that the technician replaced the needles, if you find that the needles are not replaced, you can completely put forward their own request.

Tattoo needles are usually solid, but it consists of several parts, the part used to hold the needle is hollow. In the tattoo process, the needle often needs to be sterilized and will use a new needle, and in the tattoo process, the length of the adjustment is also very important, the more skillful the technician, the better the effect of the tattoo will be.

Tattoo Needles for Single Use and Safety Issues


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