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Ten Taboos for Tattoos!

Aug. 31, 2022

If you are asking what the taboo of tattooing is, then I'm sure you are the first tattoo, and have not yet begun to be zapped stage, you are still torn. Believe me, I have to say that there is a taboo tattoo, it is better to say that the matters that need attention before and after the tattoo.


1, tattoo the biggest taboo is not to find junk tattoo artist. In the tattoo before more understanding of tattooing, more look at the style of the tattoo artist, more to the preferred store on and tattoo artist communication. Junk tattoo harm all over.


2, avoid underage tattoos under the age of 18. Minors in the body and psychologically are not fully developed, it is easy to impulsively make irrational things. And tattoo is considered a big deal, after all, is a small surgery to cut the skin. The need for adults to make rational judgments before making decisions.


3, avoid tattooing a tattoo that represents the steadfastness of love. Tattoo is their own thing, is a preference. Steadfast love please use a lifetime of care to prove it, do not involve their own body. More than half of the old tattoo cover up are passing love.


4, avoid tattoos they do not understand the pattern, text, etc.


5, avoid tattooing before bouncing and staying up late without eating. Tattoo is a very physical thing, a tattoo is a few hours, and the pain will also consume their own heat. So before the tattoo must be more rest, do not drink, eat a full meal, bring sugar, do not eat psychotropic drugs.


6, tattoo after avoid bathing, swimming, sauna, sun exposure. Tattoo 1-3 days after the tissue fluid and blood will flow out. Use clean water and wet paper to gently wipe off the surface tissue fluid to keep clean. Can not soak, swimming, sauna, sun exposure, only a quick bath.


Ten Taboos for Tattoos!

7, after tattooing avoid scratching. Tattoo 4-5 days after the start of the scab, scab off when it will be very itchy, then we must resist not to pick itchy, once the scab is buckled off, not only will affect the beauty of the tattoo, but more importantly, will cause wound infection.


8, tattoo after seven days avoid applying anything in the tattoo site. Just use pure water moistened tissue to gently wipe the tissue fluid after waiting for the wound to recover, follow the doctor's instructions.


9, tattoo after avoid strenuous exercise. Tattoo recovery period, do not exercise vigorously, will affect the tattoo recovery.


10, avoid superstition. Tattoo not superstition, superstition not tattoo. Tattoo can not force, change of life by effort, a good picture on the tattoo, the moral of the heart to remember, tattoo for art, not the market gas, the impression of bad change, rely on everyone's efforts.


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