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What is It Like to Wear Lip Studs?

Aug. 20, 2022

As early as in Europe and America, lip studs were very popular, but at that time only play hip-hop or street culture is more revered lip studs, so lip studs are also considered to be a representative of hip-hop elements, and slowly spread later. Lip studs are a kind of jewelry to decorate the lips, and now many people choose facial piercings in order to follow the trend and uniqueness.


How to punch a lip stud?


Lip piercing is generally divided into three steps: spotting, punching, and treating the wound. First of all, you need to find the location of the lip nail, you can choose according to your preference, usually in the middle of the lower lip; secondly, the hole is punched, available needle puncture, you can also use a laser gun, the former pain is stronger; finally, the wound simple treatment, you need to apply some special ointment to prevent inflammation or infection.


What is It Like to Wear Lip Studs?

How to play lip nail without pain?


1, the first step: the fixed point. The first is to determine the location of the lip nail, in most cases people will choose to play in the middle of the lower lip, not too close to the root of the tooth, if the requirements are more personalized, you can also choose other locations, specific can communicate with the technician.


2, the second step: playing lip nail. Determine the location after the start of the lip nail, usually will use pliers to pinch the lips, then even piercing with a needle, at this time will produce some pain, if you do not want too much pain can choose to play with a laser gun, similar to the ear piercing, but will be painful.


3, third step: post-processing. After that, the area around the wound will be treated briefly, and after cleaning it, some special drugs may be applied to prevent infection, which can be wiped with iodine or other things, or erythromycin or cephalosporin.


What do I need to pay attention to after lip piercing?


After lip piercing, you must disinfect it with iodine, and if the wound is inflamed, you can apply erythromycin, but don't apply it again after the first time you have applied alcohol, otherwise it may be red and swollen. The lip piercing will usually set in about a week, in order to avoid the nail and the flesh on the lips to connect together, you can turn the nail every day, and then do not use toothpaste to stimulate the wound while it is healing.


How long can I take off my lip piercing?


After the lip nail is generally 5 days to remove, but it depends on the individual healing situation, if the healing is slow may take 7 days to remove, but note that if you do not wear it for a long time, it will grow dead after a few months, then you want to wear again may need to re-type.


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