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What Will I Experience When Having Tattoos?

May. 20, 2022

If you want to leave a permanent mark on your body, why clash patterns with others? A pattern that expresses your own uniqueness is certainly the best. Tattoo stores will provide a full list of patterns, but these mediocre market goods do not represent you. I suggest you first think about what you want to tattoo, a phrase or a pattern, and then design your own. If you are not satisfied with the tattoo artist's design, tell them directly and let them modify it. A true tattoo artist is happy to take on any challenge.

What Will I Experience When Having Tattoos?

Process of getting a tattoo

First, you have to find a store, prepare your own tattoo design, remember to print it off or just take the drawing, the tattoo artist can not overlook. Some stores will let you pay up front in case you get away with it halfway through. You can bring a friend or two to witness this glorious moment of yours. Then you sit down in the tattoo chair that came to glory, the kind of recliner you'd find in a dentist's office. The tattoo artist will sterilize your skin and shave you if necessary, excess body hair can affect the coloring and can lead to unwanted infections. After that, the tattoo artist will be printed on special copy paper, printed on your skin, tear off after you will see the pattern you are about to have it!

Remember to check

After the sketch is printed you must check! If it is invisible parts, such as the back, to look in the mirror to carefully check whether you want the look, there are no details wrong. Tattoo stores will have a large mirror.

After that, start the preparation work. The tattoo artist is fully armed, disassembled disposable tattoo needle, mounted on the tattoo gun, pour the pigment in a small cup. Afterwards, a little ointment is applied to your skin, not only to make the sketch printed on it last longer, but also to make your skin smoother.

You will feel a sudden pain and hear the buzzing sound of the tattoo needle continuously operating and piercing your skin. After outlining, the tattoo artist will change to a wider needle if your design needs to be filled in. Compared to outlining, filling in is much faster and less painful. Before you know it, the tattoo is over!

Finally, the tattoo artist will wipe away the blood and excess paint, he may also fish out the camera to take a masterpiece photo to send INS. this time you can take a selfie! Trust me, this is the time to take selfies, this is when your tattoo will look its best for months afterwards.

What Will I Experience When Having Tattoos?

Laser tattoo removal

To remove a tattoo, you need to go to a professional dermatologist for an expensive laser treatment, at least two to four sessions, and if you have a very large design, the number of treatments will be correspondingly higher. Laser tattoo removal is more painful than tattoo removal because it uses thousands of degrees of laser light to quickly break up the pigment, allowing the white blood cells in your body to carry this broken up foreign material away and out of your body. Even after several painful sessions, your tattoo will not be completely removed, it will only be much lighter in comparison, and lighter pigments are more difficult to break up than black ones. And, the laser will leave scars on your skin.

Well, after reading these questions and answers, if you've decided to start your tattoo journey, welcome! Getting an eternal mark on your body, whether for love, for family, to say goodbye to the past, or as a reminder of the future, is a wonderful tribute to life.

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What Will I Experience When Having Tattoos?

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