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Which Is Better, Piercing Needle or Gun

Jul. 21, 2022

When piercing, there are two main methods: gun or needle. Each has its pros and cons, and customer preference will likely tip the scales in favor of the other. Learn all the pros and cons associated with each method and make an informed decision when you visit a piercing station.

In almost all cases, puncturing with a needle is much safer than using a puncture gun. Needles are also considered to be less painful for the client than a gun. While there are no serious health concerns associated with using a piercing gun in many cases, needles should still be considered the safer and less painful option for all types of body piercing.

Which Is Better, Piercing Needle or Gun

Piercing guns

A piercing gun is commonly used to pierce earlobes, usually in a mall setting. It is a handheld gadget that quickly pushes needle-like material through the body part. If you want your ear piercing done quickly, you can request two piercings to be done at the same time using different guns.

Piercing Gun Advantages


The gun works quickly, which reduces anxiety prior to piercing.

Less likely to be injured

The fast delivery method makes it less likely to get hurt. This is why children and beginners prefer guns.


The needle is invisible and hidden in the gun. If you are more afraid of seeing a needle than feeling it, then a gun may be the right choice.

Guns are also ideal for young children. If you want your little one's ears pierced, then tantrums and tears are less likely with a gun that looks inconspicuous.

Piercing Needles

A piercing needle is exactly what it sounds like: a long, sharp needle pierced through the skin to make room for the piercing. 

When using a piercing needle, the artist marks exactly where they will pierce the skin, which is usually the entry and exit point that ensures the piercing is straight.

Which Is Better, Piercing Needle or Gun

Round Piercing needle - Textured, Sharp

Advantages of Piercing Needles


The piercing needle is an excellent precision tool. The artist has complete control over the position of the needle. 

Injury Reduction 

The process is much less damaging to the skin than the blunt force trauma of a piercing gun. The needle is very thin and pointed, gradually becoming larger, which makes it less harsh.

More versatile 

Piercing needles can pierce any part of the body, including the tongue, earlobes, cartilage, belly button and nipples. The piercing artist simply marks the skin, clips the skin, then passes the needle through and places the jewel into the piercing. 


Many piercing artists use disposable needles, which are sterile and very hygienic for single use. 

What's best

Having your piercing artist use a piercing needle is classified as safer for your skin, as a piercing gun is classified as blunt force trauma. This can damage the soft tissue in the earlobe. 

Overall, for most people, a piercing needle is usually the better choice. This is because it is more accurate, which means you are more likely to be satisfied with the piercing in the end. 


We can't tell you which option is right for you: you'll need to compare piercing guns and needles based on your needs. In terms of piercing options, you can only pierce the earlobe with a piercing needle. This means that if you want to pierce anything else, you will have to use a piercing needle. 

Whenever you decide to get your next piercing, always make sure you go to a place with a good reputation. After your piercing, make sure you follow the aftercare advice that the piercer provides for you to make the healing process and final outcome as good as possible. Please contact DSENGZ to buy the tools you need.

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